Ping An, born in 1988 in Shekou, Shenzhen, is the first joint-stock insurance company in China. It has developed into an integrated, compact and diversified comprehensive financial service group integrating financial insurance, banking, investment and other financial services. Since the founding of Ping An, China has always regarded "honesty" as the foundation of corporate culture. At the same time, with "specialty" as the link, Ping An can create maximum value for shareholders, customers, employees and society in a sustainable way, and earnestly fulfill corporate citizenship responsibilities. In December 2018, the "Top 500 World Brands 2018" compiled by the World Brand Laboratory revealed that China's Ping An ranked 179. In 2016, the headquarters of Ping An Beijing, located in Liangma Bridge, China, was renovated. Customers pay special attention to indoor air, after decoration, and carry out the selection of suppliers for indoor decoration pollution control.

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