中國大唐集團有限公司,于2002年12月29日在原我國電力公司部分企事業單位基礎上組建而成的特大型發電企業集團,由中央直接管理的國有獨資公司, 是國務院批準的我國授權投資的機構和我國控股公司試點。

截至2011年年底,中國大唐集團公司在役及在建資產分布在全國30個省區市以及境外的緬甸、老撾、柬埔寨、哈薩克斯坦等我國,發電裝機規模達到11105.7萬千瓦,比組建時的2384.75萬千瓦增加了3.65倍,資產總額達到6161億元,員工總數逾10萬人。2010年7月,中國大唐集團公司入選世界500強企業,居412位。2011年7月,中國大唐集團公司再次入選世界500強企業,排名升至374位,比上年度提升了38位。2012年7月,中國大唐集團公司第三次入選世界500強企業,位居369位,比上年度提高5位,2013年7月,中國大唐集團公司連續第四次入選世界500強企業,位居376位。 2016年8月,中國大唐集團公司在"2016中國企業500強"中排名第97位。 2017年7月12日,中國大唐集團公司獲國資委2016年度經營業績考核A級。


China Datang Group Co., Ltd. is a large-scale power generation enterprise group established on December 29, 2002 on the basis of some enterprises and institutions of the former State Electric Power Company. It is a wholly state-owned company directly managed by the central government. It is a pilot project of state-authorized investment institutions and state holding companies approved by the State Council.

By the end of 2011, the existing and under-construction assets of China Datang Group Company were distributed in 30 provinces, municipalities and overseas countries such as Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia and Kazakhstan. The installed capacity of power generation reached 11.157 million kilowatts, an increase of 365 times over that of 23.8475 million kilowatts at the time of its establishment, with total assets reaching 616.1 billion yuan and total employees exceeding 100,000. In July 2010, China Datang Group was selected as the world's top 500 enterprises for the first time, ranking 412. In July 2011, China Datang Group was re-elected as the world's top 500 enterprises, ranking 374, up 38 places from the previous year. In July 2012, China Datang Group was selected as the world's top 500 enterprises for the third time, ranking 369, up 5 places from the previous year. In July 2013, China Datang Group was selected as the world's top 500 enterprises for the fourth time in a row, ranking 376. In August 2016, China Datang Group ranked 97th in the "2016 Top 500 Chinese Enterprises". On July 12, 2017, China Datang Group Company was awarded Grade A by SASASAC in 2016.

In 2017, the headquarters of China Datang Electric Fuel Co., Ltd. located in Shijingshan District was renovated. After bidding process, customers selected our company as a supplier. After 10 days of intense and orderly construction, our company submitted satisfactory answers. Be recognized by customers. In February 2018, after the renovation of China Datang Finance Leasing Company, located at No. 1 Caishikou Street, customers recruited air management suppliers through the bidding and purchasing process, and our company won another bid. After comprehensive and thorough management, the customer entrusts the third party organization to test, showing that the test reports are qualified, and once again get the customer's approval.

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