中國移動通信集團有限公司(China Mobile Communications Group Co.,Ltd,簡稱中國移動、CMCC)是按照我國電信體制改革的總體部署,于2000年4月20日成立的中央企業。2017年12月,中國移動通信集團公司進行公司制改制,企業類型由全民所有制企業變更為國有獨資公司,并更名為中國移動通信集團有限公司。中國移動是一家基于GSM、TD-SCDMA和TD-LTE制式網絡的移動通信運營商。中國移動全資擁有中國移動(香港)集團有限公司,由其控股的中國移動有限公司在國內31個?。ㄗ灾螀^、直轄市)和香港設立全資子公司,并在香港和紐約上市,主要經營移動語音、數據、寬帶、IP電話和多媒體業務,并具有計算機互聯網國際聯網單位經營權和國際出入口經營權。2015年中國移動通信集團有限公司北京地區新裝修的營業廳裝修后即需投入使用,因此,通過公開招標需要對2015年至2017年北京地區新裝修營業廳進行室內空氣污染治理的服務。我司為北京專業除甲醛公司,經專家評標后,我公司中標。在對北京地區移動營業廳的治理方面,我們以精益求精的服務獲得了客戶的認可。

China Mobile Communications Group Co., Ltd. is a central enterprise established on April 20, 2000 in accordance with the overall arrangement of the national telecommunications system reform. In December 2017, China Mobile Communications Corporation (CMG) carried out a corporate restructuring. The type of enterprise was changed from a nationally owned enterprise to a wholly state-owned company, which was renamed China Mobile Communications Group Co., Ltd. China Mobile is a mobile communication operator based on GSM, TD-SCDMA and TD-LTE. China Mobile owns China Mobile (Hong Kong) Holdings Ltd. wholly. China Mobile Limited, which is controlled by China Mobile, has set up wholly-owned subsidiaries in 31 provinces (autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the Central Government) and Hong Kong. It is listed in Hong Kong and New York. It mainly deals in mobile voice, data, broadband, IP telephone and multimedia services, and has the right to operate and operate international networking units of computer Internet. The right to operate international import and export. In 2015, the newly renovated business hall of China Mobile Communications Group Co., Ltd. in Beijing needs to be put into use immediately after renovation. Therefore, through public bidding, it is necessary to carry out indoor air pollution control services for the newly renovated business hall in Beijing from 2015 to 2017. After evaluation by experts, our company won the bid. In the management of the mobile business hall in Beijing, we have been recognized by our customers with the service of excellence.

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