Wudaokou Finance College of Tsinghua University is located in the south of the east gate of Tsinghua University. It was founded in March 2012. It was co-founded by Tsinghua University and the People's Bank of China. Its predecessor, the Graduate Department of the People's Bank of China, is the first institution of higher learning specializing in training senior financial managers in China's financial system. After decorating in October 2017, Wudaokou Finance College of Tsinghua University is facing the problem of big odor in newly decorated rooms. After several rounds of screening, customers finally choose our company as the supplier of air treatment service. Finally, after formulating a comprehensive treatment plan and being approved by Tsinghua University, it has been fully constructed. After three days'construction, indoor odor has been solved. After the customer entrusts the third party inspection organization to test, the desired results are lower than the national standard, and the safe office is about 3 days after the management.

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